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Aug 27


Take Me To Church - Hozier

I love a song that invokes religious imagery to describe good sex.

I like this one.

Aug 13
“Cordons, common in the medieval era of the Black Death, have not been seen since the border between Poland and Russia was closed in 1918 to stop typhus from spreading west. They have the potential to become brutal and inhumane. Centuries ago, in their most extreme form, everyone within the boundaries was left to die or survive, until the outbreak ended.” Donald G McNeil Jr

Aug 12

Aug 10



this is never going to not be funny 

Born to be a star.

Aug 7
The headlines are still better here

The headlines are still better here

Aug 3
“So you really don’t have to choose between being “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestine.” If you support secularism, democracy, and a two-state solution — and you oppose Hamas, settlement expansion, and the occupation — you can be both.” Ali A Rizvi

Jul 31
The #headlines are better in #alicesprings

The #headlines are better in #alicesprings

Jul 27

The Battle of Who Cares Less | TEDxSydney 2014

Jul 24

Take away from this talk for me: slowing down climate change is very expensive and for that reason is not a good use of money. Issues where more good can be done for less money include combatting HIV AIDS, malnutrition, and opening up free trade. 

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